Saturday, June 16, 2007

All from Kentucky today, June 16, 2007

It has been an interesting day. It started with finding an amazing mixture of concrete statuary. An amazingly nice owner of the place says to me: "Take all the pictures you want." I could have stayed hours. It wasn't necessarily what was represented, but the way they were mixed together -- Mother Mary standing next to the wooden Indian. Just weird. And then half an hour later, driving down KY 80 which is a four lane job with a median, there in the median is a box with a sign announcing a garage sale. I found no cemeteries with signage even though I located at least four that I had listed in my "book." You never know if there is anything to photograph until you get there. Part of the fun of a road trip is what you see along the way. Today, way back in the hills amongst the sea of mobile homes, I saw a guy with an old wringer washing machine which was sitting on a small flatbed trailer in his front yard doing his wash. I saw a drunk crossing Interstate 64. And as I was driving along I-64 at about 75 mph, I was passed by a woman on a Harley without a wind screen doing about 85 without head gear, and you know how faces will flap in that kind of wind. Well she wasn't wearing a bra and under her tight T-shirt, her boobs were flapping just as hard as her face. So funny. And that last pic is "apres din-din." 32 oz. of Dos Equis.

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Anonymous said...

this has been my favorite post so far . it includes a little bit of everything for me. beer, women, tortilla chips, and the virgin mary.

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