Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Creek, West Virginia June 14, 2007

Just because I need to post something. It is late and I had to drive more than an hour beyond the point I was tired because West Virginia doesn't have motels in its small towns. No cemeteries, yet, that will happen tomorrow. All day, I kept trying to wrap my few remaining brain cells around stopping and making an image, but almost nothing appealed to me. ...until I saw the above image. I had to post something because Paul Butzi has said he's going to check in on this blog as the trip progresses. Stay with me, Paul.


Libbie said...

Funny how those pipe smoking men are sitting on that gray line. I wish that I could sit on the side of a building like that!

Ann McD said...

Frank, I'm checkin' on you and your photos everyday. We haven't been on your particular route so we want to see what you see.

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