Tuesday, July 17, 2007

According to the USGS's GNIS database, the Farmers Cemetery was listed as being the Happy Home Cemetery. And in Albion, WA, the Albion Cemetery was listed as the Guy Cemetery. Oh, well, all is not perfect.

This is a re-shoot of the Delight Cemetery, WA. I first found this one 10 or so years ago, but the 4x5 TMax100 negative has some serious flaws. I alway shoot two negative of each image, and both of those negs had the same problem. I can only assume that it was bad film.

An old fire engine I found along WA Hwy 20 on the way to Delight. I have never seen a tire so eaten by the weather.

I am definitely headed east now. Last night I was in Idaho, and tonight I should be in Montana. My spirits aways take a dip when all the route signs are "east" and I start towards home. I miss being home and with my family and friends, but just something in me sorta' turns off when I look out at the highway markers telling me I'm headed east. And the opposite is true when I'm in the first half of my trip and all the signs tell me I'm headed west. I guess "west" is about the beginning of the venture, and east means it's coming to an end. Well, I still have bunches of cemeteries to check out between here and there, and I'm sure there will be other opportunities for the crazy stuff. Interesting that there have been almost no roadside shrines. I have heard that many states have outlawed them, or are removing the older ones. Even New Mexico had very few when I went through there.

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