Wednesday, July 18, 2007

OMG. What a long day. Who knew that whatever road I’d take would have construction delays. I started out in Moscow, ID, and drove about 30 miles north to what use to be the community of Freeze. The church and the cemetery are there, but not a single sign of any kind. Sigh. However, I was able to step into the old church and look around. Nothing special, but I did snap a couple of digis. You can see them on the gallery site.

From Freeze, I drove north almost to the Canadian border, then over to Paradise, MT. Now these folks know how to do a sign. I have two other Paradise Cemeteries, one out west somewhere (don’t remember where) and the other one is in Pennsylvania. Oh, and I shot another one earlier in this trip while in Utah. Down the road a little ways, was the Superior Cemetery in Superior, MT.

At this point, I was running hopelessly behind my schedule (not that I really have one) due to all the construction – I think there was a flag person every five miles. Finally got off on US 93 in MT, which took me back towards Idaho. And I lost an hour to changing time zones. Seems the upper panhandles of ID is on Pacific time, and the rest of the state is on Mountain time.

Then the rains came. Very mean t-buggers in the mountains. I had hoped to check out the cemetery in Chilly, ID before the day ended, but only got as far as Challis. Now I remember why I like motels that are at least middle of the road. In Challis there are only the most basic of motels… they still use keys for the doors. And the “restaurant” where I ate (the only one open at 9 p.m.) had a choice of fried or fried. I had fried.

However the Super8 I stayed in last night in Moscow was no great shakes. The AC unit sometimes made sharp loud noises when starting up. I’m normally a very sound sleeper for the fist six or so hours, but that damned AC sounded off with a particularly loud noise about 3 a.m. and startled me awake. I just couldn’t get back to sleep. So I watch a couple of old movies about pilots and flying combat in WW-I.

While I’m in the bitchin’ mood…..seems they have been building roads for a lot longer than they have automobiles. I have to say I really like it when they grind the road surfaces smooth. How great is that? But when are they going to finally figure out how to link highways surfaces with bridges. I don’t think I’ve ever driven a single highway that had no bumps where the road meets the bridge. How hard can that be?

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