Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The day was spent driving across Minnesota. How exciting is that? The fog was interesting for about 30 minutes. Then the sun burned it off and left a dew point in the 80’s as the temp climbed into the high 90’s. Another hot day. But out of the fog came a mythical creature, the sprinkasaurus. And as I stopped to photograph this critter, an ATV pulled up behind me with a rather scruffie looking rider. He wanted to know what I was doing. Told him I was making a record pic of the fog. He told me that was his field of soy beans and he really didn’t want anyone photographing it. HUH? I merely got in the truck and drove away. Of all the things I’ve photographed on this trip that someone might complain about, soy beans? Go figure.

Santa Claus has his own cemetery. I think I was late figuring it out…about Santa Claus, that is. It finally dawned on me that one ol’ dude just couldn’t deliver that volume of toys all over the world at one time. I remember asking my mother why parents played such a cruel joke on their kids. Don’t recall she had an answer for me. Just one more disillusionment of youth. So now I know where Old St. Nick is buried.

At the recommendation of the motel clerk (she is an art student at a local college), I ate at the Green Mill restaurant. This is the remains of my Caesar salad with shrimp and anchovies….and the long talk I had with Margaret. Tomorrow I tackle Wisconsin before heading home.

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