Sunday, July 22, 2007

I’ve become a bit enamoured with the old grain elevators dotting the plains states. Not the concrete round ones, but the old peaked roof, corrugated tin covered elevators that sit like sentinels over small communities, or where communities use to exist. Most of them are no longer in use, but here in eastern North Dakota, they sit along side the newer round concrete and metal elevators, and are obviously still functioning. So….I’m photographing those that resonate with me in some way. It is not that they exist, but the way they exist. I like the ones that are isolated and represent where old communities were once located. Like this one, and this one. Sadly they are disappearing, but almost all things old are disappearing.

I really didn’t think that the Worms Cemetery would exist. I mean really, who would name a cemetery “Worms” for God’s sakes. But someone did, and it still exist. It is located within acres of sunflowers, but the farmer has provided a little strip between the sunflowers for access. Funny part is that generous farmer cuts and hays the strip that provides access to the cemetery. Just like the rest of North Dakota, if the land is not planted with a specific crop, it is hayed. Just out of picture was one of the big round bales.

Again today it was hot. Now the humidity has increase. Hot and humid – it reminded me of summers in Pensacola where my parents lived for many years. After driving with the AC keeping me and the film, cameras, etc. cool, my glass would fog over when I got out to take a picture. As would my camera lenses.

Had to hole-up in Grand Forks, ND. I expected to be spending the night in Minnesota, but Grand Forks is the nearest town where I want to be in the morning that has motels. Go figure, and because of that, I was forced to back-track to the west instead continuing to move east. But to my surprise, I found a restaurant called Boston’s – just a big chain pub/bar sort of place. The ale was good – Summit Pale Ale – and the “Boston Salad” was OK. Most other places would have called it a cobb salad.

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