Monday, July 02, 2007


I shot not a single frame today (the flower is from a roadside in Missouri on 6/20/07 -- anyone know how this flower is called?). I had done the two cemeteries I was looking for in northern Utah, and while there was another one all the way to the opposite corner of the state (the Virgin Cemetery in Virgin, UT), I just didn’t see how I could get there and still make it to the Bay Area on time. Another trip, another time. It was after 3 p.m. when I finished photographing Paradise and Wellsville cemeteries, and drove straight through to Elko, NV. Because of the Great Salt Lake, there is no other doable option than to go down through Salt Lake City and then across on I-80. Like I said, there where beginning to be time constraints. Today I drove from Elko over to Reno and then up to Virginia City. VC is where I spent seven summers assisting Gagliani at his workshops. I had not been there in 20 years. They just couldn’t leave well enough alone. There is even a brand new Ramada Inn there now. The St. Mary’s Art Center is still there, and there are still some painting workshops being held. However, VC itself, is nothing but tourist, and bikers. There were more Harleys parked on the main drag than cars. They use to have old steam engines pulling open cars for people who want a train ride through the hills of the old gold country. Now it is pulled with diesel switcher. I drove on down to the south and picked up CA 89 and then over to CA 4 which took me across the Sierras. Tonight I’m in Stockton, CA.

I would like to bitch a bit about drivers. I just don’t understand those people who speed up to pass you, and then pull over in your lane and slow down. I just don’t get that. Then you have to pass them, which seems to piss them off. I drive on the highway using my cruise control. It makes sense – you maintain constant speed, saves fuel, your right leg doesn’t cramp, and you good time. Coming over Elbert Pass in the Sierras today, I got behind a group of cars full of Californians headed home after a weekend in the mountains. Speed limit was 55 mph, and the lead car would set up a wave action by not maintaining a constant speed. We would go from 60 mph to 40 mph with every turn or small hill in the road. This went on for almost two hours. And of course, they are oblivious to what’s happening behind them. At one point, there were six cars in front of me and six behind me. No wonder people get aggressive with their driving. And one final thing that just about drives me nuts: those people who come up behind you, stay close on your tail, then move to the passing lane and stay just where you can’t see them on your rear quarter. They are no longer visible in your side or rear view mirror, and they will stay there for several miles before than then decide to go ahead and pass. And they will also stay there as you come up behind a slower moving car in your lane forcing you to slow down and come out of cruise. Then they will move up and sit on the rear quarter of the vehicle I’m now trapped behind. I really hate that.


Billie said...

Frank, your flower is a cone flower of some wild variety. Here is a domesticated version.

pitchertaker said...

Oh, thanks, they were along every roadside, bunches of them.


Anonymous said...

like your rant about drivers....kind of makes me appreciate taking the bus tomorrow to Salinas.

Dave Peterson said...

Your flower appears to be pale purple coneflower, Echinacea pallida.

pitchertaker said...

Thanks, Dave. How'd you come by my blog?

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