Sunday, July 01, 2007

Just the two cemeteries I visited today in Utah. Too bad I don't have the luxury of waiting for the right time of day for every pic. I would have preferred the Wellsville Cemetery be done much earlier in the day. And I think Paradise isn't paradise afterall. After leaving the area, I drove and drove, saw not much of interest and wound up in Elko, NV. Why anyone would live in this town, I have no idea. Places like Wellsville and Paradise are in watered valleys, but this place is in the middle of nowhere. From what I can figure (Elko website) their livelyhood is based on the five casinos located here. There is also some recreation what with the 11,000-foot Ruby Mountains just to the southeast. I assume there is some ranching, but see nothing growing that cattle could eat -- looks like about 500 acres per cow. Of course, they have the acreage, because I don't see anything else happening. Must be some sort of mining in the area. I'll be staying California tonight.

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