Saturday, July 21, 2007

It was even hotter yesterday. (Writing this Sat morn before loading up and moving east.) Traveling where elevation somewhat radically changes the temp readout in that little window on my rear view mirror kept vacillating between 104F in the lower flatlands and 98F at the top of long hills. The same is forecast for today, and even hotter in some places. I’ve seen a number of people with vehicles overheating, but thankfully haven’t seen anyone stranded….yet. It is very difficult to get out of the AC’d truck even for a few minutes.

Spent the night in Glendive, MT, a very gritty town. The little highlight sheet in the motel room folder says it is the town that the railroad built. Big BN&SF rail yard here. I get the feeling that originally the town was called Glen’s Dive. It is split in half by the Yellowstone River and Interstate 94, and usually in that situation one side is more upscale than the other. Not here. You can tell the cattle haulers travel the main drag of the town by the cow poop left behind.

While I looked for and didn’t find the Two Dot Cemetery, I did meet Mr. Fahn in the street outside the Two Dot Bar. Town is named for Geo. R. “Two Dot” Wilson who gave land for the town. He got his nickname because his brand was two large dots which he freely placed on the top of other brands obscuring them. Surprised he lived long enough to give land for a town. The listed cemetery is only two stones on the side of a hill. I asked Mr. Fahn about cemeteries about and he said: “Well there’s some down that road, but that’s a family site. And the rest are buried in the hills all around.” The Two Dot Bar was active at ten o’clock in the morning.

There was a Moccasin Cemetery, but there was no signage of any kind. I did think it interesting the little stone with only the name “Virginia” on it.

Judith Gap Cemetery is located in the town of Judith Gap which is in Judith Basin County, Montana. Its name comes from the Judith River which Meriwether Lewis named in 1805 for his cousin, Judith Hancock. This is Lewis and Clark country.

This is wheat growing country. And hay growing country. I love the old grain elevators, but many of them are still in use, and not very photo special. I liked this one because was so isolated. Even the railroad is gone.

Nothing like a friendly horse. I saw the two of them in the pasture mirrored in stance. When I turned around a parked on the side of the road, they immediately came to the fence. They were Arabians, me thinks, due to their coloring and sharp features. This mare wouldn’t let the stud near me. She would literally push him out of the way so she could nuzzle me. She was very interested in the camera. We exchanged breaths, and she would place her muzzle on my shoulder and rub the side of my head with hers. I don’t know that I’ve ever met a more friendly horse.

La Playa is a Mexican food restaurant and casino. So was the place I ate in Bozeman – Santa Fe Red’s Mexican Food and Casino. No, I didn’t even stick my head in the casino. I ate and left. However the chicken-chimichanga I had last evening was no where as good as the chicken taquitos I had the previous evening. Even the Dos Equis was warm…..sigh.

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Steve Williams said...


You're finding more and more good stuff on the road.

Mr. Wilson looks as if you could be related somewhere back in the chain.

I'm convinced after following this trip of yours that I will have to make one of my own someday....

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

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