Thursday, July 19, 2007

It is hot out here in west. It reached 100F by about noon today as I was driving across the southern part of Montana. And even at almost 10 p.m. it is still in the 90’s. A lot of local old-timers are complaining that they’ve never seen it this hot. And still as hot as it is, I see people on motorcycles wearing leather jackets. Surely at 100F that black leather jacket is hot even at 70+ mph. And I saw one guy on the streets of Bozeman wearing an armor yellow/black jacket.

HAT! I bought myself a real, live straw cowboy hat. Damn, I look good in it. Maybe pictures when I get home.

Speaking of hats, I really wanted a nice beaver felt hat, but when I started looking at their prices – 100X beaver felt start at about $350, I just couldn’t, but they are so beautiful. I would have settled for a 10X which is much more reasonable priced. The number represents the amount of actual beaver fur used in the hat. In my hat search, I stumbled across “Buffalo Gal Custom Hats” in Jackson, MT. Jackson is not a big place at about 100 folks, and is not near any other place, but this woman makes cowboy hats, and told me she is backed up for about a month all the time. We talked a bit, and she measured my head with her custom-made measuring thing, and put me on file. If ever I decided to get a nice custom hat….mmmmm, Christmas…..all I have to do is call her, tell her what I want. How cool is that?

Down the road from the hat place, I photographed the Popularis Cemetery. How strange to find such a cemetery name in the back county of Montana. According to Wikipedia, Populares means “favoring the people.” Popularis is the singular…favoring a person?

All this was discovered on my way up to Wisdom, MT, and their cemetery. While it had signage, it was not all that exciting. Later I searched, but did not find the “Fly Cemetery.”

Supper was at Santa Fe Red’s in Bozeman. Food was OK, better than the night before. However, the woman who served me was maybe one of the best ever wait people I have had. Even with a room full of people, any request was filled instantly. She never acted hurried or flustered.

All in all an interesting day. Like my hat.

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