Sunday, July 08, 2007

Marin County, California July 7, 2007

Nothing, just nothing today. I had high hopes for the cemetery at Tomales, CA, but it had absolutely no signage. I looked around the grounds, and there wasn’t even an interesting stone or grave site. I had driven up the “101” freeway to Petaluna and then over to the coast to Tomales. I returned to the interior via road that runs right along the San Adreas Riff. Nary a ripple from the fault. Then I went in search of the “Maiden’s Grave” but never found it. By then it was getting late and I decided to drive the western shore road (CA 89) and inspect the Tohoe burn. I didn’t see a single burned patch or tree. And now is I see I choose the wrong side of the lake. Like I said, nothing today. Here is the area that burned. “Some days it’s diamonds, some days it coal.” The above image was at the entrance to the barn area of a dairy I saw on the way to Tomales. Don’t ask, I don’t know. I did learn one thing: there are no motels (at least none you’d want to stay in) between where CA 89 joins I-80 all the way down to Rocklin, CA (just east of Sacramento) – that’s like 90+ miles.

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