Sunday, July 08, 2007

Today was a "diamond" day. But it was only by luck that I found the Rough and Ready Cemetery. You'll note by the sign on the gate that it's the "Historical Rough and Ready Cemetery." I drove through the town, turned around and drove through from the other direction. Didn't see anything. However, there was what I thought at first a gathering of people in a make-shift, semi-outdoor church service. It turned out they were having a "sing along" right there on main street on Sunday morning. I asked three different people who claimed they lived there where the cemetery was, and got three different answers, two of which were, "I don't know," and "Never been there." I was about to give up, but decided to drive a bit further out of town to the north than I had previously. After about a block further there on the side of the road was a large sign, placed there by the state, indicating up this side road was the "Historic" cemetery. How can you live in a place and not see that sign? After that, I drove over towards Chico, a place I've never been before even though I've known several people who've lived there. Little did I know that Paradise was the next right! And then in downtown Chico, I found a place that served "live food." I guess I've eaten a lot of dead food in my life. What is the alternative? A still kicking cow? Later in the day, one of the cemeteries I have been trying to find since I started this project -- "Graves Cemetery." How great is that?

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