Monday, October 08, 2007

Here’s a surprise – today we walked some more, and then some more again. But unlike before, Ellen And I were on our own. How brave is that? Yes, we had a city map. We stayed more in the colonia where Billie and Ned live, skirting the central city for about the first hour. There is a large plaza in front of the San Antonio Church, and strangely enough an auto repair shop with painted and graffiti’d walls right across the street. This is Mexico, so we are told. So far we had only been in the centro with all the festival activities, tourist, and just general weekend mayhem, but today the crowds were down to more manageable levels. Even the street vendors were thinned out. I was amazed at the cactus pad vendors in the Mercado market picking up large cactus pads complete with stickers and deftly cutting the thorns from the surface, and seemingly never sticking their fingerss. From the Mercado, we moved down through the artisan shops and finally lunched at the taco place. Fish and shrimp tacos accompanied by Indio cerveza – sorry not pictures, too busy eating and drinking. Tonight we dined on chili rellenos, mine in a walnut cream sauce.....mmmmm, good. Tomorrow, sadly, home.


Anonymous said...


Your pics from Mexico turned out great! Many rich building colors and lots of street life that is hard to find in the States these days.

Hope you had a good time!

bridget kane said...


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