Friday, October 12, 2007

Must have been about 9:30 a.m. this morning when we got the call from Libbie's boyfriend saying that she had been in a serious accident and was taken by ambulance to UMass Hospital Emergency in Worcester. He said he was on his way over to the hospital as we spoke, and didn't know any particulars other than she had called him. Just as we were leaving the house, she called and said she was OK, and the only visable injury was where the seat belt burned her neck. She was headed to work when this happened and got broad-sided by a woman who ran a red light. We haven't seen the accident report, yet, but from what she later gleened from the ambulance driver, there were witnesses to the woman running the red light. Her new Nissan Versa was totalled as you can see in the image. The car has a 5-star crash rating for both front and side impact, and as you can also see, the side air bags deployed keeping a cushion between her and the crushed door. No doubt her seat belt worked well also -- really held her in place. This is the call that parents never want to get, but we are thankful she was not seriously injured getting out with only the scrapes on the neck and where her knees hit the dash plus a few hard bumps other places. She'll be completely and severely sore tomorrow morning. Not the way I wanted to spend my day.


A Jesse said...

Oh, boy. The minute that photo of the car comes up your stomach lurches. Thanks goodness this ends as well as possible. It sounds as if that five star rating was well earned. What a relief that your daughter is all right. For years now, I have made crash ratings my first priority when looking for a car--not gas mileage. I have learned that gas may be expensive, but it's cheap compared to hospital bills.

Dave said...

Ditto Jesse, Frank. Jeepers. I'll bet she was sore the next day, but what a blessing that is compared to the alternatives.

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