Saturday, October 06, 2007

Yesterday we walked, and today we walked. Guess what we'll do tomorrow? Streets are narrow, and thankfully, drivers are polite. Food is simple, but very good, and inexpensive. And, yes, they know how to make margaritas. Photographing is interesting in that the people of San Miguel have been on public view for a long time, and are simply turned off to being photographed. I don't blame them for I'm sure that tourist have stuck camera in their faces constantly. And, yes, I'm being my usual sneaky self, shooting from the hip, etc., and not asking permission to photograph someone. If they notice or hear the camera and look at me, I merely say “gracias” and move on. But today, I had my long lens on and had spotted a little girl all of 5-6 decked out in a very fancy pink dress. As I pointed my camera in her direction, her mother (who had her by the hand) noticed me, smiled, stopped and turned her child towards me, pointed to me and then stepped back. I shot, waved and said “gracias” and she smiled a proud smile.


A Jesse said...

I was looking forward to your shots from San Miguel and delighted to see the street scenes through your eyes. I am struck by the correlation between the second and third photos. The older woman/the tiny girl--the repetition of colors--and each with a magic wand in her hand. Just delicious.

pitchertaker said...

Hi Anita - Thanks. There certainly is color here, and as usual the light in the high desert is (to quote you) delicious.


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