Friday, November 09, 2007


Reading my friend's blog, she mentioned looking out her kitchen window the other day and seeing lions, baboons, and llamas passing by. Seems the circus was in town -- she lives in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico --.and drumming up business by parading some of their animals around town. At the end of her brief note she asked the question: "What happened on your street yesterday?" I didn't see any strange animals, but I did observe a different kind of show. I stood at my bedroom window for a good 15 minutes yesterday morning watching the bright yellow and orange leaves float through the air and settle gently on those already fallen. It was like a special choreographed sequence and each leaf had a specific role to perform. Your turn, Hey! You're next....come on, keep up! One after another they glided on soft air currents doing a little back-and-forth dance. It was a bittersweet performance -- a little sad knowing each leaf had lived its life and was now seeking its final resting place, but I smiled as each was going out in a blaze of color.

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