Sunday, December 02, 2007


I'm still scanning color negatives from 1988. During my travels this summer, it was obvious that the subject matter that I'm drawn to is disappearing. While I mourn the ebbing and vanishing of this decaying social landscape, I understand why. One might say, I've outlived it. Whatever, it doesn't exist with the frequency as it once did. Has the landscape changed or have I? Good question. The above image was made in a forgotten town in Colorado by the name of Bountiful. Like the subect matter I mourn the loss of, it, too, has disappeared. I drove past this location this summer and it was gone.


Billie said...

Frank, has this work ever been shown? It really strikes a nerve. If you do a Blurb book with this material, put me down for one. It could be called The Vanishing Landscape or just Vanishing.

And you know something else, the color is just a bit different from digital files. I think that also adds something to the series.

pitchertaker said...

Some of the earlier work in this series was shown in mid-80's at Rosemont College in the Philly area. I called the series
"Roadsides" but your idea "Vanishing" is good, too. Two things working well together here to produce a slightly different look -- 20-year-old 120 Kodak Kodacolor Gold 100 film and how the Epson V700 is interpreting this film in the scans. I tried any number of times to get a C-print in my color darkroom from this image over the years, but just couldn't make it work. I was somewhat shocked that the image presented to me on the monitor from the V700 was very close to perfect. Even printed well. Another good mark for technology.


Jerry M. Pine said...

Didn't Nanci Griffith do a song about Bountifull. She was originally from Austin, but I think that she lives in Nashville now. If I remember correctly, the sound was on her "Other Rooms, Other voices" CD with all of its duets, One of my favorite CD.


pitchertaker said...

I have both of those CD's and I don't see a song title indicating such. However, there was a movie called "The Trip to Bountiful" that starred Geraldine Page. Might be on one of Nancy's earlier albums.

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