Saturday, December 15, 2007


Did it again this year, had a "Photo" Christmas Party, that is. I started out somewhat determined not to do again in light of past experience. But Nicole and Annie ragged on me for two weeks with all kinds of promises till I finally caved in. They did all the planning and the transportation arrangement through FaceBook, and then sat down with me to plan the menu for about 40 people. And it was their good nature, and their "roll up your sleeves, and get'er done" attitude that made it all work out. They deserve a lot of credit for making it happen.

Only the advanced and digital photo students were invited. Year before last, we invited just about everyone and 80-some-odd people showed up. Way too many even though I firmly believe that too many is never enough.....sometimes. It is impossible to describe what's it like to have a house full of 19, 20, and 21 year olds, all happy, eatin' and talkin' and laughin', just plain ol' havin' a good time. All of our photo students are through with our courses on the final day of classes which was Monday. The party was Tuesday evening and started around 6 p.m. and people didn't start leaving until around 11 p.m.

One of the things we asked them to do was decorate our Christmas tree. Ellen and I finally broke down and bought an artificial tree this year, a very good one with real looking branches, and it came pre-lighted. We have almost four boxes of stuff to hang on it, and we merely asked that they all pick something and find a place for it on the tree. It was amazing to see their faces light up when I told them I would really like it if they would help with the decorating. It only took them about 15 minutes to hang our eclectic collection of about 200 ornaments. Big-time good on them.

The menu for the evening was Frank's Texas Chili, Frank's Beans (served separately from the chili, of course), roasted pork tenderloins, buttered chunked potatoes, steamed broccoli, eggplant parm, vegatable lasagna, and salad. I made a bourbon pecan pie, Annie made an apple pie, and Nicole made a chocolate and plane cheese cakes. And of course, there were all kinds of chips and snacks before dinner. Pretty yummie meal, even if I do say so, myself.

The above image is me reading the "Texas Night Before Christmas" in my thickest, put-on, Texas accent. (Photo by Stephen DiRado). I did this last year for the first time, and since of few of those students haven't graduated, YET, I was asked to do it again. Me thinks I should run it through a few times before I perform it again.


Steve Williams said...

What a great time Frank! In an effort to start a family tradition (or rekindle an old one started by my parents when I was a kid) we have been having a Christmas Eve party every year for the past 5 years or so. the kids, some friends, and a few of the neighbors. Reading your post though I realize that there are some fun things to do.

Mind if I borrow a few of the things you do? Well, actually, maybe all of them.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

pitchertaker said...

Sorry, Steve, but there aren't any leftovers....if that's what you wanted to borrow. These are undergrad photo students, they have no money for food -- only film and paper. Borrow what you like, please. Would bring it myself if I were not otherwise occupied Christmas Eve. Give a good ol' Texas Merry and Happy to you and yours, and all my central PA friends.


Ross Randles said...

The house looks really beautiful!

bridget kane said...

'Twas a Great Party in the Texas Satellite.

pitchertaker said...

Yeah, 'twas......

Ross Randles said...

what are you wearing? Red T-shirt? Santa Costume?

I can't make it out

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