Monday, December 24, 2007


It's Christmas Eve, and proudly this year, we haven't over done it. I just turned in my grades for the semester. I hate grading just about more than anything, and will put it off until the last minute. But this semester I turned them in just a few minutes ago -- BEFORE CHRISTMAS! I feel I'm fair and honest with my students, but usually there are one or two that think they should have gotten something better. Too bad they didn't think about working a little harder during the semester. But it's Christmas, and that's behind me. So to all who read my blog, thank you. May you get not only what you want, but what you deserve....hehehe. But I sincerly hope the new year brings all things good. Y'all hear?


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Frank!

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and excitement about photography.

I can't stand grading either, and I am looking for alternatives. For my Penn State classes, I had the students do self evaluations to see how honest they could be in what grade they should get. It's funny, they talked about how much they learned and how great the class was---how much they had grown---so they felt that should warrant an A automatically. hmmm.

I love the shot of Santa in the truck---where is that?


pitchertaker said...

I tried a modified version of self-evaluation, but got the same results as you did....they all think they deserve an A. However, I did have one that deserved his "A" -- Be sure and check out his stuff from Iceland.

The pic of the Santa in the Truck was taken in Harpswell Neck, ME.


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