Tuesday, December 11, 2007


As the sun sets slowing in the west.....unless you are on another planet, where else would it set ....my point being that yesterday closed out class for this semester. I don't know where they get the energy for their final big push, but all my students came through -- both the intro and the digital. For the darkroom class, I gave them the choice of five big prints or 10 small ones for their final portfolio, and for the digital, it was ten big prints. There is always much grumblin' about having to buy the bigger paper sizes at end of long expensive photo semester, but the images always express more fully their potential when printed larger. (They knew about the requirement for the courses on the first day -- it was clearly printed in their sysibus). For the intro, 11x14 silver fiber based prints, and for the digital people, 17x22" images off the Epson 4000. I will, in the next day or two, be posting examples from the digital class, but you'll have to imagine how great the full-sized prints looked on the critique wall. So the semester is over and now the hard part comes for me......I have to assign grades, something I really hate doing. But tonight we party, for 'tis the season and time for the annual "Photo Student Christmas Party" at my house. Maybe a picture of that later on, too.....depends on how much conversation I have with "Margarite" this evening, if you get my drift. But the sun is up this morning and I have much to do. Party-On, Dudes!


Billie said...

Is this White Sands

pitchertaker said...

Guess I forgot to mention where this image was made...yes'm, that's White Sands National Monument in New Mexico.

Dave said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the student work and the influences of the Master. No flags tho, I guess.

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