Sunday, December 09, 2007


I have to wonder why people who visit the blog never responds. Don't get me wrong, I don't write this blog to create pen pals. It was started last spring so I could "report" to friends and family about my summer travels -- I did a 14,000 miles road trip in June and July. And I must admit that I have expressed a few opinions here and there. But mostly I just wanted an outlet for my thinking and doing and pitchertakin'. I have a way to see how many hits I get each day, whether they are returning visitors, first time hits, or bots. The hits come from all over the world as well as my friends and students. I guess I wonder most about how people find my particular blog. Oh, well, not important. The above image was probably none to smart on my part what with setting up a lightening uh, the middle of a thunderstorm, but I just couldn't resist the boiling clouds and the lightening strikes. Me and the camera got a little wet before I could break everything down and get back in the truck. Taken July of 1988 in the middle of San Miguel County, New Mexico, where the country is rolling grass lands rimmed by mountains to the west.


Anonymous said...

Frank: I check you blog every day, but as you know, I am much more of a looker than I am a talker. Best,

Anonymous said...

I passed along your blog URL to my co-worker from Sydney, Australia. He said that he took a look at it and liked it. Here is his URL again:

I think your blog is wonderful. I like that you have been focusing on production more. I think recently you have posted almost every day!

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