Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Just to let you know that I've been looking at these elevators, storage bins, gins, delinters, barns, etc., for a long time. This one is from 1975 at Rock Island, Texas. I remember well when I first saw this structure. It was a hot day in July and the brilliant glimmer through the heat haze from the new metal gave me the impression that a giant flying saucer had just set down. And as I was scanning this negative, the old lens I made this image with -- an old convertable douple-antistigmat (early Dagor) pleasantly reminded me of the "old days" before I could afford decent glass. Those convertable lenses were only sharp in the center, and if you click to view the larger image, you'll see the edges go pretty fast. But I kinda' like it that way -- 4x5 Holga????

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