Monday, January 21, 2008


Yeah, well....I lied. I got to thinking more and more about all the elevators and gins I've made images of over the years. I spent the day, yesterday, looking through just about all of my 4x5 negs to come up with a few more. Today, I will go through 8x10 negs and, maybe tomorrow, I'll got through my 6x7cm negs. That is one big stack of negs to go through....ya' know? The above is of the old abandoned evelvators in Hamilton, Texas made in 1998 on one of my many, many trips across Texas. I love driving across Texas. Most people's opinion of doing such is something like: "OMG! It took us two days to get out of Texas!" It generally take me 7-10 days because I'm rarely on an Interstate Highway, preferring instead to drive the off the beaten path "Farm-to-Market" or "Ranch-to-Market" roads that connect the little towns in the middle of nowhere.

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