Saturday, February 16, 2008

THIS OLD PLACE 15...Uh, thing

Victor, Colorado 2006


doonster said...

Looks like a rather crudded up Texaco star.

Must say, i like the "This Old Place" Series.

pitchertaker said...

Actually, "doorster", I mostly shoot this kind of stuff. For me, these images link the past to the present, and at times offer insight to our fading culture and tradition. Again, for me, culture and tradition are moving targets that change from generation to generation, and through these images, I can sort of link the then to the the now. My subject matter while not hidden is rarely noticed.


Annie Cohn said...

I really enjoy this one, Frank. I love it when i can look at an image of your and it not only looks interesting but it actually reminds me of you.

pitchertaker said...

Old, crusty, pealing....if that's what reminds you of me....???


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