Sunday, February 17, 2008


Victor, Colorado 2006


judilyn said...

Hi Again,

Can you say a bit about the picture labeled simply "Victor, Colorado"? My husband and I met in Victor in 1985 at a photography workshop run by Al Webber.

We had a blast finding things to photograph in that town.

We will celebrate twenty years of marital bliss on 2/20 - next Wednesday. ;->

Judie Ashford

pitchertaker said...

While I never knew Al Webber, I certainly knew about his workshops. Myself, I assisted for Oliver Gagliani in Virginia City, NV. Oliver was a contemporary of Al, and conducted workshops for many years out of the old St. Mary's Hospital in VC. The image -- "Visitation" in a stain on one of the old concrete walls on the edge of town -- near the road that goes up the mountain. When I saw it, I was reminded of the Atomic Bomb "shadows" of people vaporized on to surfaces. I know, that's sort of morbid.....but, on the other hand, it was as if one of the people who worked the mines in the early days of Victor had suddenly appeared to me. I should mention here that I'm not generally considered crazy by most people.


pitchertaker said...

My, my, where are my manors....
Congrats on your 20th anniversity. I hope you are still photographing.


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