Friday, February 29, 2008


Hammond County, Indiana 2004

I'm leaving for Texas this morning and the Dawg is a bit pissed. How does a blind dog know we are leaving? She just knows. I won't be posting images from the road because I just haven't had the time to get the new lap loaded with photo software and calibrated. And I for sure don't want to post images from the digital camera that haven't been prepared on a non-calibrated system. Doesn't mean I've run out of images, just won't have a stable of them to choose from. We'll be in Central Texas for nine days visiting Ellen's mother, wandering about the rural landscape, and finally to Austin to attend the 40th Anniversary of the Dobie-Paisano Fellowships -- I received a Paisano Fellowship in 1979. Without that fellowship, I would have never left the comfort of the my UTAustin job to venture into the world of "doing my own thing." So, for the next nine days, it's Tex-Mex, BB-Q, Blue Bell, and a few conversations with Margaret and Scott -- some of the more important things I learned during my formative years.

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Billie said...

I wish you could send a little Blue Bell ice cream in my direction. Since it would probably melt before it reached me, I give you permission to eat my share....with Hershey's chocolate syrup of course.

I've loved all the Old Place Images you have posted but I'm not sure about this one today. No matter, I'm sure you'll find a few new ones along the by-ways of Texas.

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