Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Obama, Clinton....Clinton, Obama.....Texans can't seem to make up their minds. Why am I expressing concern over the primaries/caucases in Texas? Just happens to be where I'm currently mining the backroads for more of those "This Old Place" images. Spring break at Clark University (where I teach), and I decided to take a break, also. Rain and wind for the first few days, but yesterday was clear and cool, very pleasant. Paid homage to the world's greatest ice cream, Blue Bell, by driving by the creamery here in Brenham, Texas. Shooting lots, and have about 6-gigs of images so far. Only brought digital with me on the trip. I hate fooling with film in airports, and in the past I have bought film in local camera stores in areas where I'm traveling, and then Fed-Ex'd it home. Just didn't want to mess with it this time. 120 film is getting harder to find, and 4x5 has to be advanced ordered. I can print my digital files from the 40D to make 16x20 B&W prints on the Innova Fibraprint Ultra Smooth Gloss and they have to examined very closesly -- like with a loupe -- to tell they are digital prints. I'll start posting images again early next week. YEE-HA! Y'all.

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Ross Randles said...

Yee-haw, Frank.

Ga, I miss Blue Bell!

A fellow texn'


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