Sunday, March 30, 2008


Malone, Texas 2008

If any of my readers/viewers (I know that some of you just visit to see the pictures) know exactly what are "Diciples," I certainly would like to know. AND while you're at it, why should would any nation want to adopt that state of being? The guy might have been a good sign painter, but he was certainly lacking in other qualifications. And then there's the other side: why would it be left this way? Surely someone has pointed out the error of the sign painter's ways. Maybe they are just "baiting" us since they sell "bait" along with the "groceries." Let's hope the good folk of Malone know the difference between the two.

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k4rose said...

"Make Disciples of All Nations" this is a biblical quote Calling Christians to Mission. A "Disciple" is one of Jesus' Homies. I don't know about the other Part.

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