Monday, March 31, 2008


Malone, Texas 2008

It was a dark and rainy day as we rolled slow through Malone. Never know what to expect in these "rode hard and put-up wet" Centex towns. Dust or mud depending on the weather. But you can be sure of one thing, they play football. Go Mustangs!!


doonster said...

A couple of posts back you mentioned regular visitors - I'm one: a Brit in the Netherlands (actually Norway as I type this).

I've been enjoying your stuff for a while but am getting mixed messages from the Texas series. From some I get a sense of serenity from abandoned structures, others a documetary on the maintenance of life in crumbling surroundings and others almost despair at the sense of Depression-like abandonment.

I'd love to know what is drawing you to photograph the various subjects in this particular series.

pitchertaker said...


Mostly what I'm interested in is the symbolism these things I find that to me represent who we are as a subculture within our broader national idenity. The subjects I choose to photograph are never hidden -- most are made by me standing within a few feet of my truck -- but seem seldom noticed by anyone but me. I realized that by making an image of such I raise some of these things to the level of icon, but in a broder sense, for me, they become an enigmatic representation of life. Mostly they are highly detailed documents of life in the more rural areas of this part of Texas.


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