Saturday, May 17, 2008


Marthas Vineyard, Massachusetts 2000

Nothing like a big ol' loveable sow. We've been known to spend a week or so on the Vineyard during the summer. Once while staying in a house on Tashmoo Pond, I would take daily walks with the Dawg, more properly called Sadie. On one such stroll, I turned down a lane off the road to our rented house, and came upon Tashmoo Farms. This great sow trotted up to the fence gruffily snortin' and gruntin'. I pushed my Pentax 67 over the fence made this image. Come to find out, all she wanted was a good "skirtch" behind her ears. I visited with her for about 10 or so, and after we'd made friends, she called her piglets in to say hi, also. I've always like this image with my shadow in the lower right -- refer to it as my self-portrait.

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