Thursday, May 22, 2008


Oregon Coast July 2007

Sadly last summer may be the last summer doing what I love most -- get in my truck and just drive, look, see, and make photographs. Like everyone else, I, too, must pay heed to the price at the pump. And while I spent bunches of money on gas, I spent almost twice that amount on food and lodging. I was gone seven weeks driving from here in central Massachusetts, through the central states to California, up the Pacific coast, and across the northern tier towards home. 14,000 miles in all, and most of that off the Interstate highways preferring instead the "blue highways" that William Least Heat Moon wrote about in his book by that title. I read this book when it was first published in the early '80's, and that confirmed in me my wanderlust. I wanted to drive those "blue highway" and photograph the cultural artifacts of a rural America. I guess if I had a choice I would live somewhere out west rather than on the east coast, but life takes us in unforecast directions. And then in the early 90's WLHM hooked me again with his book, PrairyErth - just has to go see the last of the tall grass prairie in Chase County, Kansas. From now on, it'll be fly-in, rent a car, drive around for a few days, and try to make some meaningful images. The problem with that approach is you never really acclimate to where you are or what you're doing.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Frank

I am disappointed to hear you won't be roaming as far this summer. Thought about hoppin' rail cars? Might be tough, considering the number of cameras you usually travel with. I have looked forward to seeing your images at the end of summer.

What about applying for grants?


pitchertaker said...

While this post sounds a bit like a downer, I neglected to mention that projects other than wandering about the county are coming to boil on the back burner. They are just are not photographic projects. And I seriously doubt that any granting agency would squander limited funds for someone to purchase $5/gal gas just for fun.....uh, work.


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