Thursday, May 01, 2008

Picture Window...for Mark Hobson

West Boylston, Massachusetts April 2008

Mark Hobson over on his Landscapist blog, offered to do a POD book if people would send images of picture windows and/or pictures made looking through windows. I had purchased the above tulips about a month ago while desperating searching for signs of spring that would mark the end of a winter too long. The bright green and white blooms worked their magic for about 10 days or so, but they too seemed to succumb to the doldrums of the endless winter. And then last week, it actually seemed to be spring with cool night and warm, short-sleeved, T-shirt weather. Then the rains came bringing with it yet another cold front, and while the sun shone brightly yesterday, the temp didn't make it out of the 50's -- the pasture next the house had light frost this morning. Crocus, dafs, azaleas, and the flowering trees are blooming, and the sun is making its first appearance in the northeast each day which leads me to believe that spring is coming however late.

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