Sunday, May 11, 2008

REDEMPTION......ROCK, that is....

Imagine my surprise as I drove north along RT 140 to see this sign. What? Move Redemption Rock! Not possible, that thing is a chunk of granite about the size of a 2000 sq. foot house. It's a glacial erratic (meaning a big rock push by glaciers some distance from its point of origin). Redemption Rock is sort of famous in these parts as the place, where in the 17th century when this part of central Massachusetts was considered the wild west, a white woman captive of the Indians was released. You can read all about it here. Ol' Metacom (better known as King Philip in the history books) was involved, of course, as he was in a lot of dealings, and raiding, and killing between the whites and Native Americans in those days. In fact, Ellen even has kin that were knocked off by this dude and his group in a 17-th century Indian raid in Medfield, MA. Yeah, I know, if you look closely at the sign, it says "Future Home of the Redemption Rock Church," but catching the sign out of the corner of my eye as we drove by I on read the part about "Future Home of Redemption Rock...." -- as you can see, the "Church" part has been ripped away. I can never pass this kinda' stuff by.

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