Saturday, May 10, 2008


Northern Franklin County, 4 May 2008

While out on my "spring" foray, I came across this carving. Not until I read in several blogs about evaluating images in monotone (I use the term "monotone" because the original is a digital capture, and converted to "monotone" in a channel mixer layer and added a little yellow and red in the shadows just to warm it up) to see if they are good color images. What nonsense. I never thought the image was anything but a color image. If I had taken this picture 30 years ago, I probably would have shot it in B&W (meaning I would have used B&W film) mainly because I wasn't shooting color back then. I didn't even consider shooting color until the mid-1980's. Seems to me it's all a moot point, and people are merely looking for fodder to replace their lack of images. I had my 4x5 camera pack with me on this outing, BTW, so I had the option.

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