Saturday, June 21, 2008


San Francisco Bay July 2007

I've never played around too much with panoramas except for maybe when I first began shooting color with large format back in the mid-80's. I used a 6x12 cm roll film back on my 4x5's for that. That back's 2:1 ratio is not considered panoramic, most pano shooters define true panoramas start at a 3:1 ratio. Me and my friends at the time referred to the 2:1 ratio images as "long skinnies" for lack of any better pigeon hole. However last summer while in California attending a family reunion, Ellen, Libbie and I were doing touristy things like driving down Lombard Street in San Francisco and taking in the bay view from the Marin County Headlands side of the Golden Gate Bridge. It makes a nice tourist image, and brought me to the conclusion that I have little need, nor desire to make panoramic images. There are 12 full-frame, vertical image stitched in CS3.

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