Friday, June 20, 2008

Looking Back

Monterey Pennesula, California July 2007

Last summer I had a great road trip driving 14K miles through 23 states from here in central MA out across the middle of the country to CA, up the coast and back across the northern tier. The average price of gas was about half of what it is now, and even then some through my driving from the east coast to the west coast a bit extravagant. I spent almost twice as much on lodging and meals as I did gas, but now the price of gas would win out. But I have been thinking about last summer's images. I made the trip to photograph cemeteries, old cemeteries with quirky, ironic, and funny names -- a project (some image here and a few more here) I've been working on for many years. However, I never hard printed the "other" images made on that trip. My May 22 post is one. The above image was made during a brief stop so my daughter and her two cousins could observe some sea lions lounging on a beach along the Monterey Pennesula. On the way back to the truck, this woman was standing on the railing with those hot pink toes against her brown skin. I shot from the hip with my super wide lens.

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Dave said...

Welcome back. You were missed.

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