Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Rice Barton Foundry, Worcester, MA 2003

Five years ago I got the opportunity to spend some time wandering around inside an old abandoned foundry. The place had been empty for almost 25 years. The accummulated "foundry dust" was inches deep on the floor along with other grime and leavings. I think I made eight trips into the building shooting both b&w film and color digital before it was demolished. I found it remarkably fertile for making photographs that represented the people who spent a good portion of their lives there. It's all gone now, a new Boys and Girls Club occupies the site now. You can see more here.


Bridgie said...

I don't remember ever seeing this one. The hanging fabric (?) makes me nervous about fire. Love this image though, and so jealous/grateful that you were able to document this building!

pitchertaker said...

Thanks....it was a very special place with all sorts of artifacts indicating as much about the process of the foundry as it did about the people who worked there.


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