Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Rice Barton Foundry, Worcester, MA 2004

One of the properties that draws me to places like this abandoned foundry is the randomness of what's there. I have no answers to any of the questions that might be raised about the content of my images. I only wish to document the visual impressions that are strewn before me, delight in discovering space after space littered with artifacts of society, and the interplay of the old and the new. Once when I was talking to a rather well known photographic curator about how I'm at a loss for words when it come to such images, he said to me: "You just take'm, we'll explain'm."


Dave said...

Glad you're showing some of these. I thought your sample "book" of the foundry was one of the best collections of images I have ever seen.

pitchertaker said...

I 'preciate that you 'preciate these images....I have to admit I'm a bit taken with them, also.


Anita Jesse said...

This series is fascinating and the words in this post are inspiring. Thanks for sharing this. I picked up the link at Colin Jago's site, but happily lingered to browse.

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