Friday, July 11, 2008


Rice Barton Foundry, Worcester, MA 2003-2004

All of the Rice Barton images that I've posted in past week or so, along with some others not shown here, have been put up as a group here. This is one of the series of images/projects that I have "published" in the form of a hand-made photo book. I love making these books. I have seen numerous examples of Lulu, Blurb, My Publisher, iBooks, etc., and just don't like their design choices, not to mention their print quality. These books I make are designed completely in PhotoShop and printed on my Epson photo printers. I have settled on Staples' (the office supply store) Photo Supreme Double-sided Matte paper for the body of the book. It prints much better than does Epson's Double-sided Matte, however it is slightly heavier. I think the secret to this paper is to print it using Epson's Watercolor Brilliant White profile for both the 2200, 4000, and 3800 printers. No, I don't own all those printers. My current printer is the 3800, but I have printed books using those others. Covers are printed on 300 gsm luster fiber based paper by Innova. Book pages and covers are sprayed with Image Shield to prevent the inks from scrubbing to other surfaces. No, I do not sell these books, but use them for promotion only.


Dave said...

And very handsome they are.

matt~ said...

How do you do the binding for your books?

pitchertaker said...

Hi Matt: if you'll write me at I'll tell you how I do it.


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