Sunday, August 17, 2008

DOWN EAST, as they say....

Sadie Dawg enjoying the view,
Beech Mountain Cliffs Loop, Mt. Desert Island, Maine 8/14/2008

Back home now and at one with the card reader I left behind. Putting up just words to a visual medium seems a bit pointless, so I decided to wait until our return to post a few images from our brief trip. I know that all dog owners will tell you they have the greatest dog in the world, and no doubt they do. However, all those other dog owners are wrong, I have the greatest "dawg" there is. To start with, she is an adopted "Sato" dog from the streets of Puerto Rico, and she came to live with us at the tender age of about 5-weeks-old. She's now in her ninth year, and proves her amazing intelligence more and more each day. Did I mention she been totally blind (eyeballs surgically removed) for the past 3-and-a-half-years? It's a long story for another time. But this DAWG walked every trail that Ellen and I walked during our week long stay "down east." To reach the cliffs overlook on Beech Mountain, the trail is only 1/4-mile or so, however to reach the overlook, you have to climb, butt-slide, crawl over some 100-feet of rocks. Not dangerous because you might fall over the edge, but troublesome because it's just difficult terrain and one could literally fall and break something. Not the Dawg, she climbed as if she could see every ledge up and every crack in between. Constantly I had to command her to WAIT so she would not jerk the leash causing me to loose balance, and well, you know, like......uh fall. Good Dawg, Sadie.


Mary said...

I have a google search for "Sato" and thus found your blog - we support a rescue group called
Congrats on your lovely pooch
proud supporter of through our affiliate program

Libbie said...

For those wondering, Sadie was, in fact, rescued through the Save-Our-Sato organization via the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA.

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