Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Liberty, Kansas 1991

Thinking back over the summer with no travel, it would seem I'm not the only blogger who experiences the doldrums. Blogging definitely falls off during June, July and August. It is raining this morning which means not much happening. Ellen and I are spending the week with kin on Mount Dessert Island, Maine, in the small town of Somesville -- the first settlement on the island. I would love to show you some images of the lovely new 'heavy timber' constructed house where we're put up, but I was not smart enough to pack a card reader in my camera bag. But truth be known, other than a few "record" shots, I've never found much to photograph in this area -- photographically not my kind of place. When the weather improves I'll probably wander over to Bar Harbor and do some street photography of tourist being tourist. Meanwhile, here is a moody image I made a number of years ago while I was reading a book about the crew of a US Navy cruiser who believed they were the only survivors of a world-wide nuclear war. And just when I reached the part in the book where they were being forced to enter a boiling black cloud racing at them over the ocean, I found the above image. Seemed right for a dark, gray, cool, dreary morning.


Annie Cohn said...

i love this image... it looks like something has clawed that wall open and left it exposed and vulnerable.


Wild Cayuse Creek said...

That is such a captivating photo. I love the color and the mood.

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The matchless message ;)

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