Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Bastrop County, Texas December 1975

There is something very poignant about seeing a dead coyote strung-up on a fence line next to a well traveled highway. In the Texas ranch country, it's not an uncommon sight. Once I saw six such animals strung in a row on six fence post. I have never quite understood why these ranchers feel it necessary to display these dead animals in such a manner. Where the animal is hung is rarely where it was killed. One has to wonder, is this a warning to other coyotes as to their fate if they are found trespassing on this rancher's land, or is this some sort of alpha male statement from the rancher saying no poaching of cattle by man nor beast will be tolerated. In the case of the latter, wouldn't a sign work just as well? Funny thing about the coyote, even after many years of eradication programs, not only has the species survived, but has been successful in extending its range. We have coyotes here in the northeast. I have been amazed at the "death snarl" has been on just about every dead coyote I have ever seen.

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Wild Cayuse Creek said...

A farmer/rancher friend of mine told me once that she leaves the animals, be they coyotes or feral dogs, as a deterrent to other animals. I've never asked her why she thinks that works. Maybe because it's always been done that way?

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