Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Protection, Kansas June 2007

Don't ask because I don't know. I was driving down Main St. in the small Kansas town of Protection and there was this dead jack laid out on a big red rock. Jack rabbits are somewhat common in that part of the country, and most farm kids grow up shooting a bunch of them with a single-shot 22 rifle -- kinda' like moving target practice. If you could hit a jack moving away from you at full speed, you were a damned good shot. But the critter pictured above showed no bullet holes or other marks to indicate its cause of death. And while several people have written to me saying that coyotes were hung on fences and post as a deterrent to other coyotes, I doubt very seriously if anyone was trying to deter jack rabbits from pestering the town folk. I'm not sure the good people of Protection needed to be protected from jack rabbits.

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