Friday, May 29, 2009

Runnin' on Empy Book Cover

ROAD SIDES 2 Running on Empty

No, I have not had another book published, rather I have finally gotten around to editing my "stuff" from the Texas trip in late Feburary and early March of this year. I have posted much of it here, but now I have made it into one of my "artist books." Above is the cover, and it is designed with the previous edition in mind. It consist of 59 images and is printed 8.5 inches square. No, you cannot purchase a copy.....well, you can, but it'll cost you $1000. Why? Because each is completely printed, assembled, bound, and signed by me. That's no little amount of work. So, why put this much energy and resource into one of these book? Because it's an easy and very convienent way to show an assembled body of work to curators, collectors, and gallery owners. 'Tis done.


dig said...

Nice design, Frank. When are you going to start selling these? I know, I know, you get asked this all the time.
The quality won't be as good, but what about offering Blurb versions?


pitchertaker said...

I was thinking that I might try this collection of images in "Blub" form later this summer. I'll let you know.

Billie said...

With sofobomo I'm really looking at book design. This is nice. Damn, but you are a man of many talents.

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