Friday, August 07, 2009


Carlin, Nevada 1986
Waco, Texas 1986
Mt. Laurel, New Jersey 1986
Boynton, Pennsylvania 1986

These four images probably say a lot about my photographic style and subject matter: straight forward, no fancy camera tricks, they present for further visual discussion small, obscure and transitory details of the ubran and rural social landscape fabric. By that, I mean my subjects are not hiddlen, but rarely noticed by the passerby. I think I'm drawn to theses symbols and signs on a sub-subconscious level and their meanings never quite surface. They are like pieces of a puzzle, individually their meanings are not clear, but maybe seen together and viewed over time, their relevance will become more evident. A quote from the photographer, Nadar Kander, I read somewhere: "I have always, without knowing it, realized that the eye needs only to see a fragment and the mind will fill in the rest."


Wild Cayuse Creek said...

The two "birds" in the second image are really captivating.

Billie said...

These four images make me think that I share this straight forward look at most things. I kind of knew that but this really hit me. Which came first, my straight forward look or knowing you and your work. I don't know. I have think about this some more. It is troubling.

pitchertaker said...

Troubling how? Everything we do with a camera is the results of our combined experiences with every image we've seen in the past. Just could be your mind is running on the track next to mine.

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