Monday, August 03, 2009


Caryville, Tennessee -- Google view

I got to thinking just how amazing it is that I can easily show you this view of the images I posted a few days back. I remember I had to park across the highway and walk over to the rise between the water and the road. It took me almost a half hour to find a spot where no tree branches or grasses interferred with my view -- all the while with my tripod mounted 8x10 camera on one shoulder and a bag of film holders on the other. I probably stomped a few grasses out of the way just in front of the camera. I do well remember it was a cold and wet December day, the tripod legs were making my fingers hurt as I adjusted them. How really amazing is that we now have satellite views of locations I photographed 26 years ago. 26 years ago, I didn't own a computer, had no concept of a digital camera, had heard of the internet but didn't understand what it was, was newly living in Philadelphia, and wondering what the hell was a Texas boy going to do to survive Yankee land. Any look into the future I preceived then is not how it turned out. Never does. Actually turned out better than I thought it would. A lot better.

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Howard Grill said...

Funny how you can use the view as either a reminder of where you were or as a piece of artwork itself! Looks really abstract and if it didn't have the road in it I could have imagined that it was a macro of a piece of rock.

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