Sunday, September 06, 2009


Riverside, New Jersey 1986
Comfort, Texas 1986
Silver City, Nevada 1986
Virginia City, Nevada 1986
Waco, Texas 1986

Classes started this past week, my wonderful Epson 3800 printer broke (not so wonderful currently), and it is time again -- today -- for the Annual Pine Arden Block Party. All which means I have been busier than a whole hive of bees. Classes are going to be great -- I love to greet the new faces for the beginning photo course -- their first assignment: one roll of exposed film for the next class meeting where they WILL process it...hehehe. And it's also great to see previous students returning for another round with me as they enter the world of digital. Their first assignment: establish a blog. My printer is away at the Epson repair station (ouch -- that's frigging expensive). Seems I'm the only one of all the people at the block party that's brave enough to put their images on public display. I spent the day Friday at school, and while waiting on the calibration software to run on the last of the monitors to do its thing, I printed a set of enlarged contacts of all the block pics I shot last year. So begins the fall.


Don and Sher said...

Enjoy the weekend and your new classes.

Steve Skinner said...

Love the image from Waco, TX - just couldn't take my eyes off of it!

pitchertaker said...

Don and Sher: week one down, and this coming week is a short one. So far, so good.

Steve: I still stare at that image.

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