Saturday, September 26, 2009

STILL LOVING IT....THE 5D2, that is

Back in August, I attented a wedding party that was held the evening before the actual wedding. Sitting around the table with the light fading fast, and with mostly just the glow of some candles, I made this image of the woman sitting across from me. In the color version, you can easily see the cast of reddish light from the candles. I shot this with my Canon 5D Mark II using my 24-105mm Canon EF IS L lens at 105mm, 1/10 sec at f/4, ISO 3200. Image stabilization is a marvel because no way I could hand-hold a 105 mm lens at 1/10 and have any hope for a sharp image -- maybe in my younger days, but certainly not now. The quality is remarkable -- remember, it's shot with the camera set to ISO 3200!! No b&w film I know of could come anywhere close. Be sure to click on either image to imbigger them for better viewing of the detail and quality.


Don and Sher said...

That is amazing, great detail. I just recently strayed into the higher ISO with a P&S Nikon at a Heart and Journey concert.

X said...

Really lovely image.

I'm actually somewhat amazed that the 5DII exhibits as much noise as this. Not because it's bad -- as you say, it's amazing -- but because my $550 Olympus E620 with a sensor that so many forum-trolls disparage produces output that compares so favorably to a $2000 full-frame camera. The practical difference appears to be at most a stop. I also agree about IS. Just remarkable what it lets you do. Yay, modern cameras!

pitchertaker said...

X -- without doubt, "Yay, modern cameras." The real difference is the native size of the file -- this image will print 13x19.5 without any up-res'ing. As to the noise at ISO3200, I'll admit that I had under exposed this image by maybe one stop, and that is a guaranteed noise maker when you have to adjust the exposure in Camera Raw.

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