Saturday, October 03, 2009


Burlington, New Jersey November 1989
Suffock, Virginia July 1989
Kerhonkson, New York April 1989
Jackson Mills, New Jersey April 1989
Pensacola, Florida July 1989

Sometimes, there is no way to explain the things I find when snooping arouond small towns. Once in a conversation with a curator friend of mine he told me, "You shoot'em, we'll try to explain'em." I suppose it has something to do with my warpped sense of humor, and the belief that much of the visual irony I encounter just happens, sometimes for no reason at all, and sometimes because people just take the short cut. Leavin's are just that, what's left behind.

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Don and Sher said...

It's like when people climb mountains, because they are there.

When people ask me "Why did you shoot that?"

I say, because it was there. Then they give me that look.

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