Thursday, November 12, 2009

Man Vs.......

Big Bend National Park, Texas 24 Feb 1995

When Scotia-Waterous published my book, ROCK, RIVER & THORN, The Big Bend of the Rio Grande, in 2001, this is the one image I had selected for inclusion that the designers and editors ask that I not include. Said it might give some the wrong impression about oil and gas exploration. After all, Scotia-Waterous was in the business of brokering oil and gas lease deals for hugh sums of money. Yeah, I gave in mostly because they were spending a lot of money on this publication and me. Life is always a set compromises, give a little, take a little. But I have always felt strongly about this image, it's statement about how man and nature come up against each other, and the results of that collision.


luksky said...

Wow! I have no words for that pic..I couldn't stop looking at it. Very intriguing.

pitchertaker said...

Yeah, I kinda' feel that way about it, also.

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